Monday, January 15, 2007

Twelve Internet Payment Service Providers in the Philippines

There are around a dozen Internet Payment Service Providers in the Philippines that allows merchants, like you and me, to accept payments online.

There are over 250 payment providers in the world that have been independently audited for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. MasterCard lists them here. Note that the Philippines has a compliant gateway too in that list, YesPayments. Not bad. Note that this company also is in the works of launching a payment solution for small merchants. I hope there will be an online payment solution for individuals also soon.

Although we already have Paypal in the Philippines, it can only be used for sending money. This is a hassle when you use international Internet payment service providers who sends payouts through check. Especially true when you start processing check payments of over US$2000.


Anonymous said...

Looking for solid merchant processing with settlement 24-48 hrs later? High volume.

Thanks said...

With your requirement, I think you are better off using a money remittance type of service where payments can be made same day.

Tina Brandon said...

For high volume processing, you can certainly obtain your own merchant account. Settlement in 24-48 hours is possible, depending on on the specifics of your company.