Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1994: Philippines' first internet link

March 29, 1994: The historic activation of the Philippine´s first internet link with a permanent TCP/IP connection. This was 64 Kilobit per second line using PLDT and Sprintlink, the IP service of US telco Sprint.  Benjie Tan did the activation on the router co-located at the PLDT premises in Makati City, while Richie Lozada of Ateneo handled the Cebu end. This was in time for the target date, the dad of the E/Mail Conference led by Dr. Brule, held at the University of San Carlos.

The 64 Kilobit per second line run by PHnet is upgraded to larger capacity links, until the point where PHnet buys service form Bayantel´s Internet service instead.  This is when the institutional members of Phnet shifted their uplinks to commercial ISPs.