Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Social Networking most important Internet activity for Filipinos

According to TNS Digital Life, social networking is the most important activity among Filipino Internet users at 44%. This is followed by:

  • emailing 36%
  • gaming 24%
  • knowledge & planning 19%
  • multimedia 6%
  • organizing 1%
  • news, weather, and sports 5%
  • personal interest 3%
  • shopping 2%
  • browing 2%
  • admin 0%

TNS just launched its Digital Life site showing Internet statistics and social media habits as of September 2010. Out of almost 100 million population, it is estimated that the country has 29.7 million Internet users. Average age of the Filipino Internet user is 22.7 years old spending an average of 10 hours online per week with 171 e-friends.

TNS also observed that majority of Filipino Internet users Digital Lifestyle is that of the "aspirers" at 83%. Newbies accessing the Internet from home using the personal computer and mobile phone who are learning to do more of everything online. This is followed by:
  • communicators 11% (active talking to people online via email, instant messaging, social networking, etc.)
  • influencers - 3% (can be an active blogger, passionate social network user, online shopper, and has many social network friends.)
  • knowledge seekers 2% (interested in the latest things and use social network or related platforms to pursue such)
  • networkers 1% (likes to use social networks and open talking to brands. Does not voice opinion online.)
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Stickiest websites for Filipino Internet Users

Using estimates generated by Double Click Ad Planner by Google, the following sites have high page views or stickiness among Filipino Internet users. (data covers September 2010)

Some thoughts to ponder on the image:

  1. Facebook active users count is at 10 million for the Philippines generating 3.9 billion page views.
  2. Google and YouTube traffic data not available for the Philippines which is a bit ironic. Am expecting Google to share their own data too as much as it encourages others to do so.
  3. Friendster still has an active user community that can't be counted out.
  4. Tagged users are very active in checking out profiles (which I assume includes photos). Its visitors also drops by dating sites.
  5. Sulit and AyosDito are top 2 Pinoy sites most visited by Filipinos.
  6. Habits of Filipino online gamers are changing as they focused more on games that are integrated in social networks.
  7. Noting Multiply, Blogger, and Tumblr as popular blog sites for Pinoys.
  8. Growing number of Pinoys spending their time in online service marketplace oDesk to get freelance projects.
  9. When counter-checking the list with Alexa, a lot of the sites listed in Alexa have low count in Double Click Ad Planner.
  10. There are 1.5 million active Twitter users in the Philippines.
Look forward to your thoughts.

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