Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Missing e-load

After reading Yuga's post, I became more certain that something went wrong with a carrier's prepaid reloading system.

I made an e-load to my prepaid mobile number last October 2 (8:00 pm) in the amount of P150. The next day, was trying to use my phone to send a text and call but got a message that I have no enough credits left.

In this situation, it feels helpless being a prepaid user with no logs to check or turn to. In times of crisis, the infrastructure must be stable to avoid glitches like this.

I do hope that NTC and DTI's Order on Data Log Retention and Consumer Protection in Products and Services provided by Public Telecommunication Entities will be out soon.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I have an old prepaid number, reloaded P30, the following day I was check ops! They said that I wasn't diligent enough in checking my balance which was not true. Until now, I'm still waiting for their technical team to call me up, but had a very disappointing experience with them.

digitalfilipino said...

I already wrote to NTC about my complaint. Will post updates here.

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