Monday, October 02, 2006

Texters fail Filipina bet in Miss World

Inq7 had an interesting twist as to how Filipino texters came in short in supporting the Philippines Miss World candidate this year. Perhaps our lack of success in getting Filipina candidates get into the semi-finals in the Miss Universe competition, despite bagging special awards for being most voted online for the past few years, dampen our faith in the voting system.

In addition, there's just too much ongoing competitions that calls on texters to vote such as Shall We Dance (my favorite), Philippine Idol, among others.

Lastly, with typhoons and disasters that have come our way, I guess a lot of us are seeing our mobile phones from a different perspective in terms of its relevance.


Anonymous said...

Your title " Texters fail Filipina bet" reinforces my lack of faith in contests where the public votes. Such contests are supposed to select "the best" but public voting makes them prone to distortions caused by loyalties (in this case, nationalism). I believe "the best" can best be chosen by intelligent judges who agree to a definite set of criteria.

digitalfilipino said...

I agree. It seems that profit from texting drives great motivation nowadays to include it in such competitions.