Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I’m a Google Addict

"Hi. I’m Janette Toral. I’m a Google Addict. Help!

My infatuation with Google started with its search engine. Like an ideal lover, it answered all my inquiries without hesitation and with a high level of accuracy. A sense of attachment developed when it launched Gmail, the free 2 gigabyte e-mail service. Like a lot of Yahoo Mail’s ardent lovers, I downgraded my relationship with Yahoo Mail to back-up, visited when only needed. That is, whenever my primetime love, Gmail, becomes unavailable - which is so rare actually.

However, Google enchanted me to a longer term and more serious relationship when it launched Google Sitemap, AdSense, AdWords, and it bought Blogger and YouTube.

The feeling of being so dependent to one love for the most of your Internet life is so scary. Then, the inevitable happened, I have consumed my 2 gigabyte Gmail account and now I’m confused, as my love supposedly said, I don’t have to delete any of my e-mails. I’m heart broken. I felt betrayed and fooled.

What should I do?"

Of course, the above is more of me trying to humor myself. But I am indeed having a hard time to decide which of my emails should be deleted for good.

Google, slowly creeping our top 2006 websites, I realize, is setting a high level of expectation from Internet users who are becoming more comfortable with its service.

Can Google really sustain its leadership? Let’s see.

On another note, I just found out that one of our club member, Aileen Apolo, is now Google’s Philippines Country Consultant. Although she is not in liberty to discuss Google's plan in the country, it is great to know that the company is taking the Philippines seriously.


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nice writing, DUGG IT!

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Thanks a lot!

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