Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thank you for supporting iBlog2

It is done. Last March, I could still remember myself in a meeting with UP-ISP figuring whether iBlog2 should be held on a week day or weekend. However, as we want to take advantage of Rebecca MacKinnon's visit to the Philippines, iBlog2 became a week day event.

Without the superb UP-ISP team, I don't think iBlog2 would turn out as good as it is. Although I must admit that NISMED was far more better than the Sta. Ana room, we were at first conservative with our estimates as to the number of event attendees. Around April 6, I could still recall that there's a little over a hundred then that were registered to iBlog2. It was amazing how that figure doubled in a little more than a week.

Sincerest thanks goes to Monette De Guzman. Her super coordinator skills ensured that everyone meets their deliverables and manage all our external correspondence and communications. Grace Mapala for taking care of the media. Grace and Bo also did a great job for the newsletter. Not to forget, Sharon took care of our souvenier tokens and food concerns. Rissa Ofilada ensured that we will have a nice poster for the event. UP-ISP head JJ Disini covered everything that needs to be signed and pushed - gets done. Without his leadership, iBlog2 would not have been possible. Emer of course for getting our Internet access, LCDs, computers, event recording, website registration and updates get all settled. William Varias for working on sponsorship arrangements and for covering my keynote hosting duties during the event itself.

I was supposed to be there since morning. However, I have a requirements management workshop that needs attention but managed to catch up and do the speaker recognition for the media and podcasting panel. Unexpectedly, given the opportunity to do the closing remarks as well. The tension for being the conference chair this year was more or less manageable than I first expected despite short preparation time.

Of course, the heart and soul of iBlog2 are the volunteer speakers and moderators who provided the reason for this event to be a bloggers event worth going to. Within one week, I find myself fortunate in completing the speaker and moderator roster. I realized that there have been concerns on having two tracks in parallel. However, the idea there is to accommodate as many volunteer speakers who have something relevant to share. On another hand, another possibility is to have the conference for more than a day. (Hmm... that maybe something worth considering next year)

First thanks goes to Rebecca MacKinnon. Her presence in this event really made iBlog2 something special this year.

Sincerest thanks goes to Friedrich Naumann Foundation (The Liberal Times Manila Podcast) for being one of the sponsors for iBlog2. Dr. Ronald Meinardus delivered a great talk on Blogs and Podcasts as Tools for Education. Also to Innove, DotPH, PlogHost, and CreatiVoices.

The political blogging panel is one of the most interesting topic for this event for two reasons: Manuel L. Quezon III and Davao City Councilor Peter Lavina. MLQ3 became a favorite for most of us especially during the GloriaGate scandal as his insights remains very engaging to date on these issues.

Councilor Lavina first declined to join iBlog2 as he is maintaining a perfect attendance record. However, I remember having to explain in my email that he is the only elected government official that we know of to date who blogs and can serve as an inspiration to other elected government officials. That duty call made him say yes! Cheers to Atty. Fred Pamaos for moderating this panel very well.

In the legal blogging panel, Atty. Bong Dizon's presentation is now posted online - Look Before You Link. Kudos to Atty. Punzi and Atty. Marvin Aceron as well for making this panel engaging.

In the personal blogging panel, cheers to Noemi Lardizabal Dado, Joel Yuvienco, Mike Abundo, and Anton De Leon for inspiring new bloggers.

For the art and literary blogging panel, Dean Alfar once again swept everyone away with his fun talk. I'm very thankful to Zarah Gagatiga for accepting my offer to consider speaking in this event. It helped solved my dilemma in balancing male and female speakers for this event. Of course to Jonas Diego too whose presentation has surely inspired a lot of participants to use blogs to promote their comics art creation capabilities. Thanks Lionel for moderating this panel.

In the professional blogging panel, J Angelo Racoma, Charo Nuguid, Abe Olandres, Marc Hil Macalua provided interesting insights on how one can earn a living through blogs. I'm certain our moderator Atty. Cardinez had a challenging task of managing this jampacked panel.

For the media and podcasting panel, Erwin Oliva, Manuel Viloria (notes), Ellen Tordesillas, and Brian Ligsay made their respective presentations as well. Thanks to Juned for moderating this session.

Cheers as well to Pocholo for helping me out in the raffle too.

Great coverage were made by bloggers during and after the event like Jester-in-exile (lessons learned), Jove Francisco (Rebecca MacKinnon, Manuel L. Quezon III, Solidarity, PM sessions), Rizalist, Vonjobi (Liveblogging iBlog2, Liveblogging iBlog2 Part 2, Good-bye iBlog2), Annalyn, Dominique Cimafranca (fork fight deliberating on their post analysis on what happened in iBlog2 and coverage), Peachy, Kel, Toots Ople, Sean, Edcell Gavin, Clair, Gari, Mike Lopez, JJ Disini, Michellita, Skyjade, Fatfingur, MDM, Rocky Sison, Mistervader, Reggie, Rox, Nadine, Aaron, Ienni, JM, Dr. Meinardus, Jan, ZYMM, Alced, Lampara, Thoughts Owner, Rice, Rich, Jayvee, Ellen, Azrael, Ron, Markku Seguerra, Angelo, Mike, Fritz, Charo Nuguid, Mal'akh, Architelago, among others.

Here are some interesting news coverage for the event:
Here are some video coverage as well: (thanks to Manuel Viloria)
iBlog2 Photo gallery
Podcast (thanks to CreatiVoices and Liberal Times Manila)
I will update this page as I get more coverage updates. Check out iBlogPH also for updates. Maraming salamat muli and see you all in iBlog3!


reggie said...

Congratulations, Janette, for a job well done! Kudos as well to the whole iBlog2 Team!!! Thank you also for the speakers for sharing their expertise. It was my first time to attend and I was so impressed with the depth of the discussions and so with the milestones achieved by the blogging community in the Philippines. As you know, I am just a 5-day old techobobo blogger so everything is so new to me and iBlog2 gave me a better perspective about blogging and bloggers, too. Congratulations once again!!!

the jester-in-exile said...

heck, i'm already looking forward to iBlog3.

Chas Ravndal said...

nice to hear about this iblog summit! that is really cool!

noemi said...

Congrats Janette. I really wanted to meet you but I could only stay for the morning. I hope to volunteer more in future activities. Once again thank you for the token and t-shirt

kukote said...

hello! congrats on iBlog2. too bad, i was not aware of it, ngayon ko lang nalaman kung kelan tapos na. =(

more power!

digitalfilipino said...

Reggie, good luck sa blog mo. I hope you'll be able to maintain it.

Jester/Noemi, dapat mag speakers na kayo next year. =)

Chas, hope you're in the Philippines next year to check it out.

Kukote, sana maka-attend ka next year. Oks ang softdev life chronicles mo.

Rizalist said...

Good job gathering all these links together Janette. Thanks. Sorry I missed you at Iblog2.

digitalfilipino said...

Hi DJB. Thank you for the kind note. I'm sure there will always be a next time. Hope you can also be one of the speakers next year. =)

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