Thursday, April 13, 2006

April 17: Blogging 101 Seminar-Workshop

This April 17, Monday, 9 am to 5 pm, we will be having a Blogging 101 Workshop for the winners of the Philippine Schools Cyberfair 2006 and Club members. This will be at Microsoft Philippines, 16th Floor 6750, Ayala Ave., Makati City.

Our sincerest thanks to Microsoft Philippines for providing us a venue for the said training.

The agenda shall be as follows:

Introduction to Blogging
Setting up a Blog
Content development ideas
Copyright guidelines

Promoting your blog
Sustaining a blog site

Philippine School Cyberfair 2006 Winners can send three teachers and three students to this training. Runner-ups can send two teachers and two students. Honorable mention can send one teacher and one student. Additional training requirements are stated in our announcement at the Cyberfair mailing list. Club SME members can send 3 participants while corporate club members can send 4 participants. Individual club members are welcome to attend as well.

To further strengthen the knowledge on blogging, all participants are encouraged to make time to attend iBlog2: The 2nd Philippine Blogging Summit on April 18.


reggie said...

Hi Janette!
Thanks for inviting me to join the Blogging 101 Workshop. I really learned so much. I am excited to know more so I'll see you tomorrow at the 2nd iBlog Summit.
Thanks again...

joan_pinon said...

Hi Janet!

I'll reconstruct my first blog tonight for your checking :)

Thanks a lot!


lyn nicdao said...

Dear ms. Janette

Once again thank you very much for sharing your expertise.

More powers!

Respectfully yours,

lyn nicdao

lyn nicdao said...

dear ms. Janette,

Once again thank you very much for sharing your expertise.

more power!!!

Respectfully yours,

lyn nicdao

rox said...

Hi Janet,
Thanks for the certificates and medals that you gave to us today.
We learned something new again from you in regards to blogging.
My blog address is:

lyn nicdao said...

Dear ms. Janette,

herewith is my blog add

lyn nicdao

reggie said...

Hi Janette! Just a question. Howcome when I visit, only my 1st post (Blogging 101) is recorded? In addition, no comments were also reported when in fact there should already be 2. Thank you again for all your help ha...

digitalfilipino said...

Hi Reggie, Joan, Rox, and Lyn. Thank you very much for the kind words and good luck to your blogging activities. On Performancing, click on Post Views to get the details. Also when your home page is visited, normally, I noticed that the oldest post is the one that gets recorded for the title.

Toots Ople said...


I'd like to have a similar workshop for OFW dependents. Can you help me?



digitalfilipino said...

Sure Toots. Let me know what you have in mind and when will this be.

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