Saturday, April 22, 2006

Internet Celebrity

My column today at Sun.Star is all about becoming an Internet celebrity. I believe that as blogging became more popular, there are now more people becoming recognizable online. It is like those mailing list and discussion group days. Times are really changing. On the other hand, I think I rather see people post their thoughts in blogs rather than forums so that they'll be able to feel a sense of accountability to whatever they will say.


kukote said...

i agree with your article, thru blogging, you can be a celebrity in your own way ;)

more power!

Mike Abundo said...

It's what Tom Peters calls "Brand You". ;)

fatfingur said...

yeah, that's absolutely true but it's not being like a tv celebrity that the fans will scream at you. in the blogworld(if there is such a word) your fans are tamed and more intelligent than "artista" fans.

digitalfilipino said...

Hi Kukote, Mike, and Fatfingur, thank you for sharing your insight. You are all blog celebrities in your own way. =)

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