Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Which blog clicks - AdSense wise

I was staring at a report with amazement in my end. For the first time, I could actually see when and from which post are Google AdSense clicks are coming from. It is a great relief and inspiring as well.

One of my challenges in maintaining several blogs is finding out which blog clicks and generate Google AdSense revenue. To my surprise, a blog of mine that hardly gets any feedback or comment is the one getting visited the most and has received Google AdSense clicks as well. This I discovered after I started using (nearly a month ago).

Perhaps what made the blog clicked is I hardly talk about myself or thoughts in the said blog.

As I worked on this blog's content, I began getting the traffic but did not notice any improvement in the AdSense clicks. Except for one day where all the clicks are coming from an old post.

With this experience, I arrive with the following conclusion:

1. If your blog is only attracting fellow bloggers to read, don't expect any ad clicks from them. They hardly click unless you are displaying opportunities where their site could also generate revenue.

2. Non-bloggers are most keen to click on ads especially if they arrive at your site through a search engine result. Their desire to get more information primarily drives the reason why they are clicking on these ads.

I also learned that the most clicked article can effectively guide me in finding out what articles are users interested in, that brings them to my site.

Hmm...more insights...

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