Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Bandwidth Dilemma

This blog post in PinoyTechBlog gave a flashback on an old discussion thread where the quality of MyDestiny's Internet connection is put into question. It is interesting to see that we are still on that topic at this time. I wonder what is the speed of MyDestiny these days. Their website does not say much whether it is a 64 kbps or higher form of Internet connection.

Much has changed to the options we have today in accessing the Internet. Especially since the government became more pro-active in enabling wireless Internet.

With the Internet, consumers have more avenues to be vigilant about their concerns. More and more columnists as well have even put forward these issues seeking for proper resolution.


blaise gomez said...

well, Cable internet services like MyDestiny Do not publish any bandwidth claims because their speed are affected by so many factors, one of which is that Cable internet is shared between other users of the service. therefore, speeds will fluctuate depending on how many users are online or connected and how much speed they are using at the time. This is one of the "cons" of Cable internet. although in my opinion Cable internet is way better than the On/Off service of "predominant" DSL service providers like PLDT's MyDSL.

digitalfilipino said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. MyDestiny's competitor these days are getting complaints from subscribers whose emails are so delayed.

duh said...

I understand the factors that affect the speed of cable internet but this wasn't exactly our situation before the earthquake struck Taiwan. Sometimes the speeds were even better during the repair phase of the undersea cables than the current situation. Surely, those are not just about the factors blaise had pointed out. If the speeds go way below than even what a dial-up ISP can provide, isn't it proof enough that the problem is within the provider itself be it misconfiguration, malfunctioning systems, lame customer support or the need to upgrade facilities. There should have been broadband standards and quality control implemented and monitored by the NTC.

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