Friday, July 28, 2006

State of Philippine Internet Service Providers

Well, like all other directories I mentioned in my recent post, this one is also troublesome. Yahoo's listing of ISPs are too little to the point that you'll wonder how many ISPs are really here in the Philippines. It makes me wonder as well why ISPs don't care to list themselves in search engines when most visiting foreigners and investors normally look for them (and Internet cafes too).

In the 1st volume of the Philippine Internet Review, we had a feature on challenges faced by ISPs. Admitted, the lack of trust in information sharing made it hard to explain in quantifiable terms how the ISPs are being affected by the carriers getting into the same business and give basis for the government to intervene.

Some ISPs are also expanding their offerings through partnerships. Companies like Infocom gradually transforming itself into a "technology utility firm."

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