Friday, January 12, 2007

Call for speakers - iBlog3: The 3rd Philippine Blogging Summit

As already announced, we are now calling for speakers in the forthcoming iBlog3: The 3rd Philippine Blogging Summit. This is scheduled to happen on April 13 and 14, 2007 at U.P. Diliman, Quezon City.

We’d like to invite everyone to suggest themes, topics and speakers for this year’s sessions. You can send your session ideas to: jtoral[at-sign]

As we are now on the 13th anniversary of the Philippine Internet, there's much reason to celebrate on iBlog3 this year. This is especially so that the Time Man of the Year are the global Internet users.

Help us build awareness on iBlog3. If you have made a post about it, let me know and will add it here.

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Anton said...

I did a post for the event come see it at this link...