Wednesday, January 03, 2007

SMS in Corporate Philippines: Isuzu Automotive Dealership

Isuzu Automotive Dealership Inc. started using short messaging service (SMS) platform software last November 15, 2005 from GiveMeUnlimited's InfoTxt SMS Platform.

Olive Garcia, ISD Manager of Isuzu Automotive Dealership Inc. (Alabang, Cavite, Cebu, Mandaue, Pasig) shared the company's experience.

Janette Toral (JT): What made you choose InfoTxt compared to other SMS platforms in the market?

Olive Garcia (OG): When compared to other products, our decision was influenced by the following:
  • User friendly web-based interface
  • Customers are charged P1.00/message
  • Supports picture and logo messages
  • Supports vcalendar messages
  • Easy to extract reports
  • It has a user base of 45 companies
  • Single point of contact for system support
  • Lifetime warranty of the system

JT: How important or of help are SMS platforms to your organization?

OG: Since we started using SMS platforms, we’ve experienced the following benefits:

  • Ability to document communications with our staff and clients, thus reducing dissatisfactions due to alleged miscommunications.
  • Ability to keep track of transactions such as customers giving go-ahead instructions to repair or sales orders.
  • Ability to validate the date and time our associates contact clients, thus improving customer service.
  • Savings on call charges.
  • Savings on mass mailing of Kilometer Checkup Reminders, Birthday Greetings, etc.
  • Possible reduction in cancelled repair orders or sales transactions.
  • Immediate announcements of special events, promotions, packages, etc. We have not yet fully utilized other features such as picture and logo messages and survey utility.

JT: If SMS platforms will improve or evolve, what would you like to see that can also be of help to organizations such as yours?

OG: I am not sure though if it’s present now, but it would be great to see the following:

  • Handle (to include report generation) incoming messages with pictures, logos etc
  • Automatic user credit loading
  • Archiving facility wherein you can just specify dates or messages to archive
  • Needless to say, improvement on the side of cellular carriers.

GiveMeUnlimited is one of the most successful wireless application software development companies in the Philippines. It received awards from various organizations recognizing the hard work poured in its InfoTxt SMS platform.

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