Thursday, January 11, 2007

PLDT WeRoam 2G got me through

The earthquake that happened prior to the entry of 2007 has disrupted Internet services from all over the region. It shows the fragility and our growing dependence on this infrastructure. The Philippines being the 6th most attacked nation on the Internet I guess did not got a break despite this setback.

However, I must admit that I'm kinda guilty for being insensitive with all the news that appeared online about this issue. The reason for that is I'm enjoying the best times online this past two weeks and this includes updating my podcast which is bandwidth intensive. My PLDT WeRoam 2G got me through. The great Internet experience I'm having right now is making me want to wait longer before getting into 3G / HSDPA.


tivo said...

it depends where most of your activities were. if youre accessing outside of the philippines, it does not matter if your using whatever platform, going out uses the same international gateway. the reason pldt has better service at that time simply because they are the bigger telco which most likely has more gateway going out so the chances of disruption is mitigated.
if your're accessing infra in the philippines its not affected by the earthquake.
unless otherwise pldt routes through satellite. said...

Hey Tivo. Thanks for the insight on that.