Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hottest or Emerging Trend in Philippine Blogging

I'll be moderating the Blogging Trends Panel for iBlog3 and would like to request for three (3) topic suggestions on what do you think will be the hottest or emerging thing (and who can be invited to represent them) in Philippine Blogging this 2007. Those topics and people shall be invited to join this panel.

Some ideas:

1. Making money through blogs
Because there are now more Filipino bloggers who earn through blogging.

2. Community blogging
There are now more blogging communities created, whether for strategic revenue generation purposes or for niche market segment, that allows more bloggers to be recognized as well.

3. Election blogging
Not sure if it is hot or only a short-term trend.

4. Competitive blogging (contests and more)
There's growing rivalry or competition in the local blogosphere and there'll be more.

5. Youth blogging
Comprising the biggest segment of Philippine bloggers today. With the ability to earn online and even compete much easier today, will they become a serious force this year?

6. Mobile blogging
It hasn't clicked much in the past but will it do this year?

7. Celebrity blogging
The growing number of personalities or aspiring artists blogging online to showcase themselves.

8. Video blogging
Most creative uses of YouTube and similar technologies. (expecting to be more this year)
Perhaps feature most popular Pinoy YouTube member.

9. Podcasting
Podcast advertising revenue surged to US$80 million in revenue in 2006. The media networks are now doing it. Will 2007 be a prime year for serious podcasting?

Your feedback will be very much appreciated.

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the jester-in-exile said...

hi janette!

i'm finishing a long post on this very topic... just a few thoughts off the top of my head.

see you at iBlog 3! said...

Thanks Pierre for sharing!

the jester-in-exile said...

put up the clarification post already... sorry for causing the confusion heh heh