Friday, February 16, 2007

Aspiring Artists use the Net for Promotion

With more Internet users spending time online, it is no surprised that we are no longer as familiar with celebrities today compared to the days of That's Entertainment and AngTV.

However, fans use the Internet to help spread the word about their favorite celebrities such as Ron San Juan's Miss Saigon, Erin Blair's Lea Salonga mailing list, and even offer freebies such as of Donna Cruz that allowed downloading of ringtones during its early years.

Famous entertainers are now reaching markets because of how the Internet was creatively used to promote them. Take the case of Filipino-American comedian Rex Navarette (who has a blog). Perhaps he can be recognized as the first Filipino entertainer who was honored by fans and followers by immortalizing his skits online. I only came to know him after blog post about Maritess vs. the Superfriends and SBC Packers began to spread. While working on this post, I discovered that there's also the Nutshack cartoon series.
Early this week, I attended an event and met two new upcoming artist who will be launching their first CDs this March. What caught my attention is that these two have blogs.

Julianne is the first local artist of MCA Music who'll be launching her album entitled "Grateful" next month. Her song and MTV "Tulak ng Bibig" is being played on radio stations and MYX.

Another artist performing at that time is Joaquin Valdes who became known for the Date Joaquin project. He is coming out with his first album under Vicor Music entitled "The Jazzanova Project". He is also a host, theater actor, and upcoming director.

I'm sure that there are more Filipino artist coming out with their own blogs or websites. It will be great if we'll be able to record in Philippine Internet history an artist made famous online.

If you know of aspiring Filipino artist or celebrities who have websites or blogs, I hope you can share by posting a comment.


Tarugoman said...

I've high school friends with their own band, who've already attracted the attention of a label and have successfully recorded a track for a compilation album coming out (or already out) Check them out here: and

the jester-in-exile said...

pretty cool alternative band.

dtayona said...

this might be off-key since i am making a comment about a different kind of filipino artist. i have had only a few weeks of online presence as a filipino artist, but i noticed something in my durfings. how come there's only very few online resources for filipino visual artists, considering the richness in printed materials here. hmmm, i suddenly feel like a dinosaur. :-)


sugahmamma said...

The Erin Blair's Lea Salonga fan site is no longer working, by the way.