Monday, February 19, 2007

Online politics - good, bad, and ugly

My follow-up article just came out today as part of the ongoing online election monitoring coverage. Last week was exciting as I documented Chiz Escudero's live chat session in Ituloy AngSulong. I wonder if there'll be other candidates following the same path and have their own websites as well. For the websites I missed in my column, I'll surely make-up for that next time.

The 2004 elections gave us an initial preview as to how presidentiables can use a website for campaign purposes. Senator Panfilo Lacson's website started as a campaign platform for his presidency. At present, the site was re-titled as the Be Not Afraid movement and its latest update was as of March 2006.

There are so many websites today that claims to serve the purpose of maintaining honest elections and good governance. Very rare do we find these sites sustainable as time passes by. There are unique few such as the Transparent Accountable Governance, that despite its very rare updates, manages to survive and still online.

On a related note, is there a national candidate today that represents the Internet community? Who would that be? Taking from what Atty. JJ Disini shared in the Philippine Internet Review, this person must have an agenda that supports the various interest of the Internet community. Someone whose platform includes the promotion of Internet use and e-commerce in the Philippines. Do you know of any?

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