Friday, February 10, 2012

Techie Romance: Falling in Love, Breaking-Up, and Healing Online

With Facebook just celebrated its 8th anniversary, without a doubt, the social network has affected the way a lot of Filipinos extend their love relationships. As Valentine's Day is just around the corner, a popular topic as well is how does social networks affect love relationships. Answered all the questions I got about the topic at The Internet Connection: dating and the web.

If you have additional insights, hope you can share them.

Question1: In what way has the Internet affected or change the way we engage in love relationship?

Answer: If active in social networking, a couple can get to know each other better online and learn about the folks they interact with often.

It allows creative communication as well as a couple can play games / watch videos together, collaborate, and share their love celebration online.

Before meeting a love one's family, some show an online family album, introduce who they are, before the actual meet up happens. It is like - "This is me." "This is my family." "This is what I do." At the back of your head, thinking, "take it or leave it."

Social networks also play an important role for those with families based abroad. It is like being in touch without necessarily intruding.

Social networking force telecoms as well to be creative with their value added services. More folks send greetings via Facebook than SMS now.