Saturday, November 15, 2008

Online Phone Directory Philippines

Is it really hard to have a single or common phone directory? I mean, more often than not, a person does not really know to which telco is another person or company subscribed to.

Perhaps someone should consider building a unified online phone directory where phone owners and businesses, who opted to, can list their contact details. It should not be dependent on whether an entity advertises or not.

I decided to update this old post to reflect some of the phone directory attempts made online. If you own a phone directory site referring to a particular location, let us know and will include your site here.

Telecom Phone directories online:
National Capital Region


Anonymous said...

E-Yellowpages allows business to register their contact information, but they have to be a registered business. Businesses may register online for free.

Anonymous said...

Your Bayantel directory sux!!! =(