Saturday, June 23, 2007

Timeline of Philippine Blogs - listing according to archive age

In trying to determine the history of blogging in the Philippines. I decided to come up with a list of Philippine blogs to date and have picked those listed in Ratified to begin with. The archives were helpful in determining the time they started. Those who have started earlier but archives were no longer accessible are age-listed here according to its current blog's oldest post. Those who have gaps are adjusted to the time their blogs became active.

We will very much appreciate if you can share the story behind your blog and we'll post it here. Cheers!

This listing is a work in progress.




noemi said...

oops not sure if my comments got posted.

Lauren's first blog site om 1996 (though it was called a journal in 1996) is still up at .Archives at Current site is at

Dexter said...

Good to be part of the 2007 group... We are the new bloggers...

Thanks for the link..

Technology at Hand said...

@noemi - in terms of personalities, yes Lauren is noted as the first blogger in the country.

As for this listing, we based it on active blogs and date based on the blog's archive. has its first post in 2005.

I can't list the previous ones as they are not categorized as active blogs. However, they can be cited when referring to Lauren's blogging history. I seem unable to find her blog entries dated back April 2002 to June 2005.

@dexter - you are welcome.

bikoy said...

i started my blog ( in october 2000, but yea, i havent come around to upload them all from the beginning. hehe. this is a good idea, btw. keep it up!

the jester-in-exile said...

hey janette, correction please: i started The Journal of The Jester-in-Exile in July 2005.

The "earlier" posts were dated in that way to support of a post made last December 2006.

BatJay said...

thank you for the special mention. when i started in '01, there was already a thriving pinoy blog community. some of the blogs i regularly visited then:

mona's renaissance girl

dindin's din's world


ibalik's dekarabaw

ate sienna's panistan

kiven said...

w00t thanks for teh link!


noemi said...

"I can't list the previous ones as they are not categorized as active blogs. However, they can be cited when referring to Lauren's blogging history. I seem unable to find her blog entries dated back April 2002 to June 2005."

correction: The title of your entry says "timeline...according to archive age" hence the comment I posted. the urls I gave you are archives which mean they are not active blogs anymore. anyway, just letting you know that the archives exist and that's the reason I posted it. The archives couldn't be transferred to wordpress as it contains more than a 1000 entries which is too many to convert. said...

@everyone - thanks for the response. Will put anecdotes per blog based on the info you gave.

@noemi - thanks for the correction. Will figure out on how to go about this upon editing. Cheers!

@batjay - thank you for the blogs you mentioned. Will check them out.

@bikoy - thanks for the trivia. will mention that.

@jester in exile - thank for the clarification. I shall make the necessary correction.

@kiven - you are welcome!

brVince said...

Yes, I started blogging since December 2005 as a personal diary without any idea that I end with my present one ( I changed blog address for few times, too). Purely reflections and little bit of 'what's-going-on' topics. tagged as a blog with 'a-world-of-its-own' I changed a little bit into an interactive blog where people can post comments. And now, I can say, religious monks can blog, too! Thanks to those who inspired me to blog and those I admire; most of them I met personally, those who started blogging ahead of me...Thanks for this, Janette. Thanks for the chance to be here. :)

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Nice list! Truly worth the visit! Keep those interesting posts coming! Mabuhay!

Prudence said...

Wow, I didn't know we have this. Thanks for linking me.

Joni said...

Hi Janette!

Thanks for including my blog too! :)

fruityoaty said...

Oh, nifty. Many thanks for putting me on the list. :)

Em Dy said...

Hi Janette. I started blogging in March 2007. Kindly include my blog in your list.

Ade said...

Thanks for the link. Actually, I've been blogging since 2002 on my LiveJournal, but I started taking it seriously only on 2006, hence Noisy Noisy Man was born.

marhgil said...

hi! I've been blogging since 2004. You can check my about page to see when and where I started. thanks! said...

nice ;)


lateralus said...

Wow, thanks for including my site in the initial salvo. :P

I started making websites in 2000 - my blog was a mere corner on the site's index page.

I started a tabulas blog in 2003 - choice entries were imported to my current blog.

I started blogging again in 2006.

I got Atheista in 2007.


Anonymous said...

hi, please include this blog in your listing. thanks said...

@marhgil - thank you for the info. I suggest adding to your archive, links to your former blogs, according to archive age. This is what Laurganism did with hers. This way, site visitors won't get confused if we refer to your site starting years earlier.

@em dy and anonymous - will monitor your blog's growth and include you in the list soon.

@everyone - thank you for the kind words and anecdotes as well.

talksmart said...

Great idea. IT makes me think how new I am in the blogging arena...

Thanks for this.

Jaypee said...

I started earlier than 2005 and the reason why my archives don't show that is because my free hosting provider got hacked twice. I didn't have any backup so I lost all my posts and had to start from scratch.

Hope others learn from my experience. Hehe :)

ia said...

FYI, I registered on November 23, 2005. But according to the the domain has been previously owned.

Ederic said...

Salamat po sa pagdagdag ng blog ko. My web/blogging history is at :)

Jehzeel Laurente said...

pwede pa kaya makasali sa list? nasa po me ^_^

Brown Baron said...

Thanks for including me! This is an interesting list. It's great to see how big the pinoy blogging community is getting.

aj batac said...

hello janet, i hope you still remember me. i was on your 1st book "The Digital Filipino: An E-Commerce Guide for the eFilipino Book". i think the site was listed as (at the last pages) . Now it is located here at

please visit when you're free and just surfing around.


seo outsource said...

Ano po ba criteria para mainclude dito sa list mo? kailangan ba merong pagerank? thanks. said...

@seo outsource - you blog must be in top 100.

michaeljosh said...

Hi Janette,

Looking to include my blog Cyberprince Chronicles
( in the 2001 list. Here's what I have.

Don't know if I can prove it much from a 3rd party source as's Wayback Machine has removed these older pages (the links are still there though). Started blogging in September 2001. The page is still alive today at ( I host my own stuff and have not removed the original pages since. I would manually update the HTML code because although I signed up for a blogger account back then, I decided against it as I was still afraid to give out my domain's username and password to blogger.

I did quite a lot of moving around and experimenting. The rest is chronicled in this blog post ( The blog is now called Cyberprince Chronicles and now resides in its separate sub-domain (a new layer over the old site which screams to be updated).

The sites ratified as well. Here's the link ( said...

@michaeljosh - Thank you for the heads-up. Please update your archive sidebar and add a link to your old blog, that has your 2001 entries, to establish that such was its original home back then. Once done, will list you in the 2001 blogs. Thank you.

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