Sunday, June 17, 2007

Write a Tribute: 13 Years of Philippine Internet

I found myself happy after reading this Philippine Internet history thread at SEO Philippines Forum. It is important for the new generation of Internet users to continue in recognizing, and even celebrate, the growth of the Philippine Internet.

Because it is not a matter of who has the right to do it. All Filipino Internet users should rejoice with the infrastructure that we have today that allowed many of us to communicate, learn, establish ourselves online, and even earn.

Various groups whether business, education, SEO professionals, media, bloggers, among others should recognize and reflect on the impact of the Internet in our lives and how can we do better with it.

As this blog's main intent is to continue documenting Philippine Internet developments, I admit that there's so much happening out there that we couldn't cover all.

With that, I'm inviting our readers to join this tribute writing activity to celebrate the 13 years of Philippine Internet from now till June 22, 2007. This is how it will work:
  • Write a blog post as a tribute to the 13 years of the Philippine Internet. Topics can be very flexible but some suggestions can include:
    • your 13 favorite websites/blogs
    • 13 ways the Internet change your life
    • your personal Internet history (start to date) and 13 lessons learned
    • your list of 13 favorite Internet personalities
    • 13 wish list on the future of the Philippine Internet
    • 13 growth drivers of Internet in your town
    • well, just be creative!
  • Include a link to this post.
  • Post a comment and let us know about your blog entry.
I am not sure how far this tribute writing will go. But those who believe that the country's Internet anniversary is still worth celebrating online, I hope will join.

Those who gave tribute to the Philippine Internet are:


C5 said...

Wow! This is great! Actually I was just about to blog about that! I was there! :) 1994...using a 2.4Kbps modem!

cecile said...

Here's my contribution:

Tribute: 13 Years of Philippine Internet

Fjordan Allego said...

here's mine:

cga said...

hi, here's a (long, haha) essay "celebrating" the 13 years


thank you for posting about this. it was a helpful bit of info.

Paris said...

here's mine ~

Robin Lim said...

Thanks... you got me thinking. Here is my contribution.


joan_pinon said...

Hi Janette!
Here is my Tribute

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