Sunday, June 03, 2007

Online radio gets democratized

In 1998, PhilRadio began its live Filipino radio programming on the Internet. It caters to Filipinos abroad who miss radio shows back home.

Last August 2006, I got the chance to talk to Wilson Chua of eRadioPortal and featured him in the 12th episode of the DigitalFilipino podcast. Wilson has a small information technology company based in Dagupan City. The idea of putting up eRadioPortal started with his desire to listen to a jazz radio station, which is not available in their city. But when Microsoft Windows Media Services became available, it opened the opportunity for Wilson to venture in this project and it went live in 2002.

Today, eRadioPortal hosts numerous radio programs from all over the Philippines, being streamed to the rest of the world. He cited several advantages why radio stations should consider going online. This includes:
  • Reach out to the rest of the world where there’s nearly eight million diaspora and overseas workers. As majority of listeners are based outside the country, Wilson often receives emails of appreciation for the service they provide that made home much more closer to them. There’s no wonder why our diaspora are as much attuned and sensitive to the situation of the country today. Online radio has empowered them to listen to the issues first hand and interact in discussions.
  • Prime time programming no longer exists as time boundaries have shattered. Therefore, advertisers need to appreciate or recognize the value of this medium since commercials can also be listened to abroad.
In the last iBlog3, Wilson (handout) was very much optimistic on podcast growth globally and confirms that the Philippines listens to a lot of podcasts and local radio stations online.

Website owners who uses a podcast also increases their site popularity. There's the time shifting advantage where people can listen from different time zones.

Content is also portable as it can be consume wherever. Media companies are also using podcast as a tool to combat pirates.

This only proves the usefulness of the Internet, whose level of use and purpose are dependent on each one of us.

As Wilson announced during iBlog3, they are now looking for interested content providers who would like to host their programs in eRadioPortal.

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