Monday, October 15, 2007

Underestimate? - Trillions more internet addresses may emerge

The foundations are now being laid out for the inevitable upgrade of the Internet towards IPV6 that may result to emergence of trillions more Internet addresses. (Truemors)

I asked Lawrence Hughes of InfoWeapons about this and he believes that trillions may be an underestimate. "Each NETWORK gets many trillions of addresses (a "/48 block" of 2**80th addresses), and there are enough "/48" allocation blocks for every human alive to get over 4000 of them."

InfoWeapons is a member of the IPv6 Forum and Lawrence is the head of the Philippines chapter. The company is also a member of the US IPv6 Consortium. They have been running a production IPV6 network for almost 3 years in Cebu.

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