Sunday, November 12, 2006

ReviewMe - a new earning opportunity for bloggers

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I just got an email today about ReviewMe, a website service that invites bloggers and webmasters to write reviews and earn from it. After signing up, you can submit up to six (6) websites but only those that can qualify shall be approved. In my case, this blog and my website qualified in the system.

I believe that this service is a great opportunity for bloggers out there especially for the young ones. It has one of the lowest sign-up age (14 years old) that I’ve found and this is great news for the teenager out there who are very active in blogging.

Once you are in, you have to wait for review assignments, so earning more will depend on how ReviewMe's advertising network shall grow, and your capability or capacity as a reviewer.

I'm glad that reviewers are expected to provide feedback, or criticism, and should be taken by advertisers as a means to improve their product or service.

Payouts are made through check or Paypal every 1st of the month. I do hope that networks like this will grow and create more earning opportunities for bloggers alike.

My other blogs did not qualify due to not meeting their minimum number of citations, subscribers, and traffic. Although one can return a few months later and try it again. I only hope that they can give more specific feedback when a site is not approved so that the improvement is well targeted. For instance, if it is a matter of being in a Technorati rank of this range, then one can use that as a barometer as to how a rejected blog is improving and can try again to apply in the future.

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