Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More local social networks

I just got word that is now online. Cheers to Jonno Alcaro for finally launching this project.

This adds to the ever-increasing number of social networks and friend directories that caters to Filipinos.

As Chris Cubos of was able to demonstrate, there are opportunities indeed for those who are into the creation of niche-based social networks. Check out podcast interview with Chris for more info.

Rodney Jao also helped in the development of a social network for nurses. Check out our podcast interview with Rodney on this topic.


joelogs said...

Glad to know Filipinos are quick to adapt to the changing times. Incidentally, De La Salle Canlubang offers a course covering Online Community Management using free Social Software at Here is a sample project of the students. Now that is what I call getting ready for the Friendster generation.

Anonymous said...

Friendster generation!

i like the soundbite, but isn't it sad that some of us have personal connections only because of cyberspace?

not that i can't say i'm unlike that, of course.

joelogs said...

Just trying to keep the thread alive. Here's another one. !people

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