Saturday, August 19, 2006

Pinoy Blogging Culture

It can be noted that there are now more Filipinos actively blogging from all over the world. In fact, it has created a new breed of online personalities and celebrities. With so much content online generated through blogs, it created the need to track a lot of them to have a gist on what the blogging community is thinking at the moment.

Topics ranges from personal insights, lifestyle, to political. It even allowed the exchange of opinion on emotionally-charged issues affecting the country. As issues are discussed, more individuals and organizations find themselves exposed where their undertakings can be questioned or attacked. This is where bloggers gradually are realizing that there are also copyright and ethical concerns that they had to deal with.

One of the biggest accomplishment that Filipino bloggers have achieved is the staging blogging summits, iBlog and BlogCon, annually and be seen as a event to look forward to. This is the point where bloggers take time out to come together and exchange insights on various blogging developments.

Based on our Metro Manila Blogger Report, more than half of bloggers are very young. However, Angelo agreed with Maoi that the higher age segment with disposable income should seriously be considered for targeted marketing.
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