Monday, August 07, 2006

Online travel and tourism matures

For those who use the Internet and regularly travels as well, I'm sure you'll agree that the travel industry is slowly but surely catching up in adopting e-commerce.

Gone are the days when you had to deal with inaccurate flight schedules and poor e-mail response time. However, making frequent flyer programs more customer friendly is still something most of us want to see.

What is good about the Internet is that it also allows small players to compete and allow them to achieve significant revenue online. Those who are also aggressive in marketing and provides fast response time to inquiries are gaining competitive advantage too.

You now see local travel associations as well signing agreements with companies like Triton Distribution Systems to boost their services. Hotels in Makati and Alabang are gearing up to accept online reservations too.

The Internet has also inspired local government units to launch tourism drives and tap the Internet as a resource to achieve that. Inspired bloggers like Anton Diaz contribute to the growing number of high quality sites that makes Filipinos, especially those from Manila, the various places that one, local or balikbayan, oughts to visit.

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