Monday, August 10, 2009

Personalized jump drive and storage as gifts


In attending and organizing IT events lately, I noticed that Personalized Jump Drive are fast becoming popular choices for giveaways or souveniers. This is where the identity of the company gets used for brand recall.

Hopefully, with its increasing affordability, our next conferences, such as the upcoming E-Commerce Summit this November 2009 and the April 2010 Social Networking & eBusiness Conference, will have these personalized flash drives as storage for handouts rather than burning the materials in a CD that often takes time.

With such an option, this will also allow us to customize the flash drive further in terms of packaging by allowing the posting of our logo, among others. For example, the site Flash Dealer allows buyers to shop for various flash drive design and have it customized further.

Giving a personalized usb drive also promotes re-use as contents in flash drive can be deleted when done and be used for storage of various files. Unlike in a CD where it gets thrown out sooner or later.

I’m now thinking with Christmas happening in a few months time, perhaps it will also be good giveaway souvenier for our club members where our various training materials for the year 2009 can be stored in it.