Friday, April 03, 2009

IT training grows online

The big challenge in being part of the Internet and IT industry is that one must be able to cope with the demand of the times especially in terms of information technology (IT) skills. There is a growing number of websites today that allows you to become a subscriber, pay a fee, and take various online training programs.

Others are membership based and training is delivered through a coaching and sharing of lessons learned structure.


Using K Alliance as an example, an ideal online training allows:
  • Student or subscriber to get individual to corporate subscription.
  • Pick from a wide range of desktop, IT, soft skills, among others type of courses.
  • Choose to get a computer based training or online (dependent on Internet connection).
  • Prepare for IT certification.
    I used to take beta test exams before and often find myself in the old days just reading through manuals. With a customized program like this one, it should help you prepare better and simulate an actual exam.
  • One unique feature with K Alliance is that they have a USB dongle that needs to be plugged in whenever the online training is accessed. This is for piracy protection purposes. It is also unique per course.
  • Online chat with an expert with whom you can ask questions.
  • Learning management software hosting services available where you can also load your internal special trainings. This instead of building on your own.
  • If satisfied with the service, have programs where you can become a reseller and make a full business out of it.