Friday, February 22, 2008

Chikka open doors to Web. 2.0 and Social Network Developers

I just had a chat with Gio Bacareza who is now the business development director for Chikka.

According to Gio, Chikka has a revolutionary project that would require partnership with web 2.0 and social network developers. "We have a revenue model designed for them. This new development keeps me busy in looking for developers, whether companies or individuals."

Chikka has one of the biggest social network not only in the Philippines but worldwide also. Its social network is based in its community of 40 million buddies using Chikka's messaging application.

Gio believes there's money to be made on the community besides text and advertising. "We're opening up our platform for the developer community to play around similar to Google Open Social and Facebook. The difference we have is that (1) we have other revenue models for developers than just ads: we got messaging, content, subscription services and (2) we provide the bridge to the mobile world."

The Chikka platform is still in the process of completing its APIs and documentation. "The first developers we work with, we will handle closely on a 1-to-1 manner. They will help us shape the platform. When we are ready to open the sandbox, then we unleash it."

Parties interested can contact Gio at


Gio said...

While I'm at it, I'm gonna be shameless and shamelessly plug ok?

The above interview was actually made possible using Chikka's new unified web and mobile forwarding features. I logged in to all my IMs thru chikka ( While Janette sent me her questions thru YM, I received the messages and replied to them from my mobile phone even when I was offline. (I was actually bedridden with a flu.)

With Chikka, you're conversations with your buddies is continuous, whether or not your offline.

Those are just 2 of the cool things that we're developing at Chikka for our loyal users.

Expect more coming. Thanks. :-) said...

@gio - thanks again for the interview opportunity. My main dilemma with the unified messaging is that I tend to misplace my login id which is all numbers at this time. =(

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