Monday, December 17, 2007

TitikPilipino: More content in 2008

TitikPilipino is one of the few companies that we got to feature in the Philippine Internet Review and Podcast Episode 5.

This site of Jay Frank De Jesus started as a lyric server for original Pilipino music (OPM) last June 8, 1997. With issues on intellectual property rights and his respect for the copyright of Filipino artists, TitikPilipino has evolved to encompass more information about Filipino songs, artists, and the albums in 2000. It also covers music news such as album releases, concerts, events, album, and artist awards. This is also complemented by an active discussion forum.

The site includes album information such as track, artist, composer, lyricist, arranger, and producer listings in a fully searchable database. Jay used to gather this in extensive research through old albums, casettes, and CDs from all over. Now, record labels provide most of the album information.

In 2004, the site receives a daily average of 5,000 visitors with 40,000 page views. Total site visitors in the year 2005 reached up to 2 million. That growth is noteworthy to think that it had 100,000 visitors in 1999.

TitikPilipino's turning point came when it finally won the Philippine Web Awards in 2003 for the best music site category. This is when Jay started taking the site more seriously and began adding shopping components into the website where people can buy cds and music sheets.

In the enclosed video, the year 2007 served another milestone for Jay when the site was relaunched with more content and product offerings. This strategy has worked well and shall be continued in 2008.

In Podcast Episode 5, Jay shared that buiding a site that is closest to one's heart, deep knowledge on products, and understanding how the Internet works are critical factors in putting up an online business.

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