Monday, April 30, 2007

Ordering instant food delivery online

Back in 1996, Filipinos were able to get their first taste of local e-commerce as Magoos started selling pizza online. If I recall correctly, in its earlier days, there was also e-Kain that serves as a middle-man where various food establishments can have their online ordering needs be served through this site, like ordering Wendy's hamburger online. (Migs and Danny, am I referring to the correct site?)

Lately, a group of friends, some of them are even IT professionals such as Fernando Martirez III, formed HCC Delivers that accepts online ordering of food and be delivered at offices. As business boomed, HCC Delivers now focuses on sites with regular food delivery needs and special occassions.

Today, if my research is correct, there are only two food establishments that offers instant food delivery service: McDonalds and Pizza Hut.

How come online food ordering is not as popular in the Philippines? There are several reasons and here are some:
  • Number of food establishments are too many, almost anywhere. This makes it impractical for locals to order food online unless such is the only medium to reach an establishment.
  • Most online food ordering sites focuses more on international ordering for relatives here.
Your thoughts?

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this blog has been a great help for me. i now have more options on how to send food in pi.