Thursday, March 30, 2006

Cutting-Edge Mobile Handsets in Asia

Cutting-edge mobile phones—phones integrated with various multimedia and rich-data functionalities—are rapidly increasing their share of phones shipped in the Asia Pacific market, reports In-Stat. ("Cutting-Edge Mobile Handsets in Asia" - #IN0602374AW)

For example, with 252.3 million mobile phones shipped in the region in 2005, 53.4% had camera functions, the high-tech market research firm says. The plunging price of such models in emerging markets has greatly promoted their adoption.

By 2009, 67% of mobiles sold in Asia Pacific will have camera functionality.

In addition:

- Phones with music-playing capabilities accounted for 23% of phones sold; that figure is above the global average of 13.6%.

- By 2009, the functionality and quality of music playing on mobile phones will be greatly enhanced, with music phones likely to be in direct competition with stand-alone music players.

- Mobile digital broadcasting TV phones, and cellular phones with alternative wireless broadband connectivity, were introduced to early adopters in South Korea and Japan in 2005.

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