Monday, October 10, 2005

Website Feature: Resources for the Blind

The website of the Resources for the Blind is one true demonstration as to how the Internet can help NGO groups in promoting their advocacy. With blindness as the leading disability in the Philippines, every Filipino must be concerned. As we get older, one way or another, we will have disabilities that we have to cope up with, whether we like it or not.

Resources for the Blind is one of the leading organizations who are helping the blind through their various programs. I got to feature them in the past for their Computer Eyes program, in partnership with various entities like IBM Philippines. I got the chance to write about them as well in my column and for the APECTel - Philippines Perspective on ICT Accessibility.

The Computer Eyes project got featured in the Philippine Internet Review as well.


Globalpinoy said...

Yes, blog is an ideal tool to promote an organization's advocacy. We have seen it work in for our NGO, Globalpinoy Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises, Inc. since we launched our website

Richard Burgos said...

Thanks for featuring RBI and Computer Eyes. This is further proof point that blogs can reach likeminded people and is a great way to promote an advocacy. Cheers!

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