Thursday, March 30, 2006

How did it all started?

For those of you who are curious as to how the Philippine Internet has evolved in the country. I encourage you to buy a copy of the Philippine Internet Review: 10 Years of Internet History (1994:2004).

This was published in 2004 and we really went through tough times while working on it. I look forward in publishing a volume 2 edition of it soon that will build on 2004 developments onwards. Commercial Launch

I got invited this Friday for the commercial launch of e-Games game titles---RAN Online, O2 Jam, Battle Position, and Dreamville. I guess this will add to more income possibility to professional gamers for hire. Hmm..

Celebrating Bloggers

On the 12th anniversary of the Internet in the Philippines, I think the main highlight is the growing strength of the blogging community as it is now becoming the voice of the Philippine Internet community. Mabuhay to Filipino bloggers and hope you can join iBlog2: The 2nd Philippine Blogging Summit this April 18!

Cutting-Edge Mobile Handsets in Asia

Cutting-edge mobile phones—phones integrated with various multimedia and rich-data functionalities—are rapidly increasing their share of phones shipped in the Asia Pacific market, reports In-Stat. ("Cutting-Edge Mobile Handsets in Asia" - #IN0602374AW)

For example, with 252.3 million mobile phones shipped in the region in 2005, 53.4% had camera functions, the high-tech market research firm says. The plunging price of such models in emerging markets has greatly promoted their adoption.

By 2009, 67% of mobiles sold in Asia Pacific will have camera functionality.

In addition:

- Phones with music-playing capabilities accounted for 23% of phones sold; that figure is above the global average of 13.6%.

- By 2009, the functionality and quality of music playing on mobile phones will be greatly enhanced, with music phones likely to be in direct competition with stand-alone music players.

- Mobile digital broadcasting TV phones, and cellular phones with alternative wireless broadband connectivity, were introduced to early adopters in South Korea and Japan in 2005.

ccHost released

ccHost, an Open Source project that provides web-based infrastructure to support collaboration, sharing, and storage of multi-media using Creative Commons licenses and metadata, released version 2.0 today. Anyone may download, install, and use ccHost to freely build media sharing communities.

Worldwide broadband users

Point Topic just published their 4th quarter 2005 statistics indicating a total of 209 million broadband subscribers worldwide. In the same period of 2004, there were 150 million.

In the Philippines, it was estimated that there's 125,000 broadband subscribers by the end of 2004. I wonder what's the latest now. Will check.